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Does paint.net include/support timestamps?

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Hello all.

I am looking for a program that can automatically add a date-stamp (as per the creation date of the file(s)).

A friend of mine suggested paint.net but I couldn't find this particular feature mentioned on the official site nor really here.

Does paint.net include this feature? And if so, can it do this automatically with a batch of files?

Thanks :-)

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I'm so sorry, it was a late night and I didn't word my question well enough :-)

I meant to ask if paint.net can add the datestamp on to a pic.

That is to say I have regular pictures (1000's of them) and none of them have the datestamp in the corner but I'd like to add that now afterwards and am looking for a program that can do that.


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Irfanview would do that in a moment.

If you just select File -> Batch Conversion/Rename. There simply use the same filetype as source, then you can either have the new files in a different directory or simply replaces the current ones in advanced options, Overwrite existing files.

In the same advanced options you can find Overlay text which can put any text anywhere in the picture, including file date/time and creation date. When you go to the overlay text window, there's a Help button which shows all possible data you can use from a file as text.

Experiment on few pictures and then use it on all of them.


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