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need assist with collage of 4 photo's all transparent

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So, I have 4 photos......each of the same subject in different positions.

I know I will need a blank background. Now How can I take those 4 photo's and layer them onto each other. I need each photo transparent(opacity), I want to see each each photo layered on top each other. I don't have an example, but any suggestions on how to make the opacity of each photo so when layered each one is seen.


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Assuming that the all the photos take pictures of the exact same place:

Use the lasso tool to select the people in the picture.

Copy and paste that onto another one of the photos. Line up the photo with the background, etc. of the other photo.

Keep doing that, 2 more times, until you have all 4 people in 1 photo.

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I cannot get over the layering of each one using the layer property,it loses clarity and becomes extremely frosted. Each one becomes so frosted that its almost hard to see what each one is. urmm is there a plugin to change the transparency of the pic?

1. blank canvas

2. each pic changed to sepia

3. copy/paste/placement

4. adjust properties of layer

5.total frost argh..

Maybe a different method is needed? IDK?

Any suggestions will be tried.


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