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Help Needed - Removing text from an image

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Hey yall,

I recently got 10 header templates to use on a couple of new sites that i'm working on, and when I downloaded them, they had text already in them saying "place headline here" and "put your sub-headline here".

Can some tell me how to get this text off without messing up the background using paint.net so that I can add my own text?

Please let me know by sending me an email to :


I've attached 2 of the headers here so if someone can help me out, just send me an email to the address above.





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The header #1:

Select the text with the Rectangular Select tool :RectangleSelectTool:.

Select the color you want with the Color Picker tool :ColorPicker:.

Color over the text with your selected color.

You can fix the "Website Name" and "Your company slogan goes here!!" parts with this.

As for the gradient part, I suggest copying a part from the other side and pasting it on top of the text on a new layer.


The header #2:

I suggest zooming reeally close, selecting the Clone Stamp tool :CloneStamp: with a 1px brush. Press ctrl to anchor to the spot you'll be clone stamping. Make sure it's right next to the actual brush, and start clone stamping.

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Hey sweetpea, welcome to the forums.

Usually, when you get pre-made web template pieces-parts, they're given in a layered format such as a PSD, where the text elements are on their own individual layers so you can turn them off and replace them with your own text.

If these JPGs are all you received, then it'll be a bit more tricky for some of them.

The first one is relatively simple, since the text elements are all on backgrounds consistent with their alignment - the text flows horizontally here, and the backgrounds behind the text are all either solid or horizontally repeating. You can use the Rectangle Select ( :RectangleSelectTool: ) tool to highlight an area of the text, use the Eyedropper ( :ColorPicker: ) tool to select the background color from around the text, then fill the area ( Backspace key ) with that color, covering over the text. For the gradient bit behind "yoursite.com", it is a true vertical fade, meaning that across the length of the text the gradient behind it does not change as you move horizontally. This means that you can use the Rectangle Select ( :RectangleSelectTool: ) tool to select an open are of the gradient on the left side of the text, then use the Move Selected Pixels ( :MoveTool: ) tool to stretch it out horizontally over the text.


(If you need more step-by-step instruction with pictures and the like, I'd be happy to put something together.)

The second one, though, has text effects, drop shadows, and complex backgrounds behind the text, so it's going to be tough. In fact, with the effect behind the "snazzy slogan" section, I'd count it as impossible - you could theoretically use the Clone Stamp ( :CloneStamp: ) tool to cover over the text with the visible portions of the background, but there's practically no way you'd be able to match it up smoothly with the existing bits, and you'd loose the variation of the original background.

My advice would be to go back to the person who created these in the first place and see if you can't get the layered versions. It'll be a lot less trouble in the long run.

As an aside, when posting on this board, we ask that you use descriptive thread titles so that we can tell the questions apart - there's nothing harder than keeping threads straight if a dozen of them are ambiguously titled "Help Needed". I edited your thread title as an example of what we like to see, and the rest of our desired code of conduct can be found in the [rule=top]Forum Rules[/rule]. Please keep that in mind for the future. :)


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Ah. Well, if you have the PSDs, then it should be cake.

There's a Photoshop File plugin for Paint.NET, and after you install it you can use Paint.NET to open the layered PSDs. Once you're in there, uncheck the layers that have the text on them and save the file as a new JPG without the text.

I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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