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Colourising B&W photos

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You could use the search.

But the easiest way I've done it is... take the photo you want. Duplicate the layer.

Take the layer on top and turn it to black and white.

Then take your eraser tool and erase where you want to have color.

When you're finished flatten the image and save!

Be sure to check out the newbie playground, and browse the tuts. They are all really well put together. (well most of them) :)

EDIT: oops... I misread it... lol you are all right!

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Basically cutting the image into parts, skin, hair, lips, clothings...etc.

And put them in new layers.

Then use color balance plugin or color filter plugin.

The link is to a PS tut,

http://www.photoshopsupport.com/tutoria ... photo.html

in PDN we can cut out parts using this tut..


Then follow the PS tut using PDN's color balance plugin or color filter plugin.


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