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Clear paint.net cache

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I'm new to paint.net but not new to computers (about 30 years of programming experience). The question is probably very silly. Let's say I created a new file using the Effects/Render/Shapes tool. I then saved the file and opened a new one without closing paint.net. When I tried the same tool, I realized that "Shapes" remained with the same settings that I chose for the previous file. It looks like this dll is not reset. To reset it, I need to close and open the entire Paint.net. The question is, is there a way to reset/clear the Paint.NET cache without closing it?

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Hi @lion - welcome to the forum.


As you found, the setting used persist within the session unless changed. If you want a complete reset you'll have to restart PDN.

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On 5/21/2023 at 6:22 PM, lion said:

That is kind of strange. 




1. I do File | New to create a new image

2. I set the Primary colour to Red and the current tool to Paintbush with size of 10 (for example) and paint an area.
3. I do File | New to create a new image


After step 3, I would want my carefully chosen colour and Paintbrush (and other tool) settings to persist for the the new image.

In fact, I want all my Tools, Adjustments and Effects settings to persist. That is what paint.net does.

What is the reason you want everything to reset?



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