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How do I remove an item from a picture?

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I am trying to remove some items from a picture and make it look natural. How can I do that? I looked in the tutorial and I can't seem to find anything. I did find something that says I can use the crop tool, but it's doesn't give me step by step instructions.

Thanks in advance. :D

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This should work...


I will explain to you what it is that I want using the tutorial picture you gave me. I want to remove the figure but I want to salvage the back ground, how do I cover up the space where I removed the item from and make it look original like the rest of the background?

I can't post the picture that I need help with because it has my kids in it and I dont feel save posting it here.

thank you

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You can pm me if you want with it.

I know what you mean about not feeling safe.

As you can see by post count I have been here long, and imo am respected. I would not do anything demonic, or something wierd.

ok, I sent you a message.


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