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Pasting screenshot of pdf document gives degraded resolution

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When I will be sending something, I pay for shipping and get a pdf document with a waybill emailed to me. Usually there is text in the document, in addition to the waybill, and I don't want to print that, it's just a waste of ink. So I take a screenshot of the document using the the print screen button on the keyboard, paste it in paint.net and delete the text. In the pdf the text is sharp, no matter how much I zoom in, but when the screenshot is pasted into paint.net the text loses its sharpness. Also, there is a barcode in the document and the lines become slightly wider. Due to this there have been problems a few times reading the barcode on the printed waybill. See image below for comparison.


Earlier today I found out how to take snapshots in Acrobat Reader and how to set the snapshot resolution. I set it to 300 pixels/inch, but the resolution is still degraded when pasting into paint.net, not as much as when using print screen though.


Is there somewhere in Windows where it's possible to set the screenshot resolution? Or is something happening to the resolution when pasting the image in paint.net?



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Hello @JackHalland - welcome to the forum.


I get this a lot in my work too. What I do is zoom in on the PDF until it just fits into the available screen area. Then I take a screenshot & paste it into PDN.


The theory is that the extra image size will be converted into higher resolution when you print (assuming you select a print size roughly the same as the original).

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