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Type in Text and then rotate it?

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I have a map I want to erase some pixels and then type text and rotate it to align with some lines on the image. Is there a way to do this?


Sorry for the newbie question but I did search for rotate text and did not see anything. I rarely do much pixel editing. 

Rotate Text.jpg

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Hello @GTWatson and welcome to the forum :)


You could do this:


1.  Using the color picker, select the white in the area.

2.  New layer and paint over the text you don't want.

3.  New layer and type in new text.

4.  With the Rectangle Select :RectangleSelectTool: surround the new text and toggle the edges to move.




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The most obvious choice is dpy's Rotate Text.


I believe this will likely give better results than typing in horizontal text, then rotating it. Rotating thin lines tends to result in aliasing (jagginess) or blurring

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Sorry for the late reply. I did not see the notice of an answer in my Gmail so it must have gotten trapped in spam somewhere. Thanks for the tips and I did do a search before asking this dumb question, and I read a couple of the hits but I did not see anything that might help, so I asked the dumb question.


I was not familiar with plugins but will read over the link to the dpy's post. I'm an old Engineer and work in corp America where my PC has limited rights and I have to ask the IT Gods for permission to update software to gain Admin Rights.  They even block my access to my Gmail so I have to go home to check my spam folder.  :( 


Anyway, sorry for the long rant and I'll try to make better use of the search in the future. :) 

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I was able to get Admin rights to my PC and downloaded the plugin by dpy and got it installed along with the newest version of Paint.Net .  I played with it a little and it works great for the very simple edits I needed to do.


Thanks again for the help.

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