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Open drawing to find saved changes missing

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I work on line drawings of airplanes. Profiles mostly and it seems that when I re-open a file I discover changes made and saved do not appear. In fact I have to re-do an area that was painted no longer has the latest effect. I'm not doing anything fancy or complex - best example: within an area I put in two new lines, save and close. When I re-open the drawing, that change is not there. Or, another example: I open a drawing and there are shadow pixels in an area I painted, saved and closed. All files are saved as PNG. 


In the attachment the lines were being changed from black to gray......... all the changes were made.... when I reopened the file the lines were mostly black.


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If you're using a lot of layers are you saving your WIP (Work In Progress) as PDN or just PNG?


I've found it is all too easy to forget you've stopped a particular layer displaying for whatever reason (typically before and after comparisons) and when you flatten the image you don't notice and save it in that state.


I save WIP projects in both PDN and PNG or other preferred format for precisely this reason. Too often I've come back to the PNG and realised its missing something you know you did. You go back to the PDN file and realise the missing detail was indeed in a non-displaying layer.


It happens.

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