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I hope administrators can see and read this.

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I was not sure how to try get conctact to a administrator or just some one that could tell me where i can read the rules. I did see that there was something about rules in +create but i could not click on it to hopefully get in and read what is allowed and what not is. I am a little nervous for if i might do somethign wrong for excample on where, how many and what kind of pictures i am trying to edit to mostly have a transparent background so i can use it in the game program named RLC or Utherverse. I was hoping that there was a private folder in here where i maybe could save my pictures so i hopefully wont end up share some pictures that some other would fell is too much or disgusting for excample naked pictures ( well not of me ROFL ) and some pictures that would be a little dark, like goth. I am trying to create some places in this game program where i need to try create some pictures that will fit in a little as kinda  goth style. I hope any of you administrators would be so kind to teach a dummy like what is ok and what is not and where to upload private pics so again no one would fell hurt. thanks :)

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2 hours ago, ELGod_Jas_DAVC said:

So i wonder if i should try find a other place that i might be able to some how transfer some transparent pictures so i can use them. Because i really dont want any trouble.


Yes, because this is a family-friendly site and we don't allow naughty pictures 🤭


I would suggest a free site like here:  https://postimages.org/




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Next time you are in game have a visit to one of my zabys to see what I think you are trying to accomplish.




Look for the example of what happens when a website no longer supports free image hosting.

More guidance can be found in the Utherverse forum. Hope this helps :)



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