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How would I make it so when i import a png there won't be a black background?

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If you set the primary color to white and create a blank transparent layer in Paint.NET, turn on the Color Picker and Select More, and use the eyedropper on the transparent layer, you will notice that the primary color goes to black on the Color Picker and the opacity is set to zero (100% transparency). This indicates that the transparent layer is actually has black background but it is not being revealed. Strange days indeed!
Many years ago I used this software that would create multi-page Tiff files that would reveal its background image in MS Paint but not In Paint.NET.


I have noticed that sometimes my PNG thumbnail icons will have a black background for a period of time, but will display later as transparent and my PNG will have a transparent background. I don't think that it is Paint.NET problem. A few years ago I had a problem like yours and it was caused by an issue with my web browser software.

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2 hours ago, Mashbanana said:

How would I make it so when i import a png


Where are you importing these png's from?  When this black background happens, it's usually because of where you have saved it to, like a website, that will add the background to it for viewing.


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