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Newbie here searching for text color

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I just found paint.net, very impressed.  But it is so different.  So until I can find my way, I am like a fish out of water :)  My main reason for using software like this, I like to scan pictures and text the name right on the digital photo.


So far I discovered to choose the text tool then I can type right on the photo.  But if I want to move the name to a different area of the photo, I would need to change text color depending on if my white name is on a white sky, or my black name is over a dark forest.  So far I have not found a way to select the name and change the color of the text.  I like the way the little square can drag text, neat!


My other situation, sometimes a photo needs more description than a name.  I learned how to enlarge the canvas on the bottom only, for a 2 line description.  But if the added canvas appears as black, how would I change it to white?  Or vice versa.



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The best feature of Paint.Net is layering.
Simply put your text on a seperate transparent layer and then you can move the layer over the image to where ever you like.

I do this when placing my logo or watermark.

You can even save the text layer as a seperate file and use it again over a different image.

(you will not be able to edit the text after its saved!)

If you do not save as a PDN your layers will be flaten and merged with the lower image.

Check these out:



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Wonderful, it works!  I can do layers, and one time in my experimenting I did get the text to change color, simply by clicking on the color wheel.  Then when loading a different photo I couldn't make the text change (didn't add a later).  So that's the secret then, good to know.



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@Jane Anderson 

In case you are wondering how to get to the documentation, it can be is accessed:

- here https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/

- or by pressing F1

- or via the question mark icon, top right of the window


Paint.NET is packed with capabilities. You discover a lot by careful reading of the very well written documentation.


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12 hours ago, Jane Anderson said:

 but the added canvas appears as black, how would I change it to white?  Or vice versa.


Select the black and hit delete, or vice versa :)


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