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how to make obama change pictures

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You'll need Pyrochild's Gradient Mapping plugin for this. Take a picture of whoever you want to turn those colors. Add a new layer to it (CTRL+Shift+N). Move it under your picture. Make your primary color FFE97F and your secondary 0094FF. Grab your paint bucket tool and choose the Dark Horizontal pattern. Fill in your bottom layer. Go back to the picture and run gradient mapping. Unzip and load the XML attached below. Use the paintbrush tool to clear any parts too detailed you want to clear you want to change. Have fun! :)


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Truth is images like that are usually made with vector programs such as Inkscape or Illustrator. I didn't actually test my idea before posting. I just tried it and if your image is noisy, it won't work. The nubs on my gradient map are also too close to each other. if you only get red and blue, try Adjustments > Autolevel before using the gradient map.

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