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Override HSV (edit HSV channels) - v1.0 2021-11-02


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Override HSV.zip

(Installation: extract the .zip and run Install_OverrideHSV.bat. Alternatively, copy Override HSV.dll to your Effects folder)


This is a simple plugin which allows you to edit any of the HSV channels and set all pixels to any value you wish.

You could think of this as the typical hue/sat tool except rather than adding/subtracting, you are overwriting channels with a certain value.


Access it from Adjustments > Override HSV.


The UI provides 3 sliders with checkboxes to enable them.


Example image for comparison



Setting hue of all pixels to 0 (red)



Setting saturation of all pixels to 100%



Setting the value of all pixels to 100%






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On 11/2/2021 at 12:29 PM, AndrewDavid said:


Trouble in Google

Yeah, I continue to have that problem (I keep getting file access requests, even after confirming the link has changed)
I think I'll switch entirely out of hosting on google drive soon :|


19 hours ago, unyxium said:

That's strange, the images only display temporarially and then break soon after. I will try and get them hosted elsewhere.

Try hosting on imgur. Not a lot of places like to allow images to be embedded on other sites. Imgur is the de-facto and it stuck around when photobucket, tinypic etc. all died some years ago

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