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Can open gifs, but can't save some of them after editing


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Hi there,

I'm a long-time user of Paint.net, but this is my first question here. I use Paint.net to mark-up and edit floorplans that I've converted from CAD into gif format. The resulting black-and-while gif files are typically 100KB to 200KB. Sometimes, especially when the files are 150KB or larger, I can open and edit the gif with Paint.net, but then I can't save them. When I try to save in Paint.net, I get an "(error)" in the "Preview, file size" portion of the save window.

However, if I use Gimp or IrfanView with these same images, I can edit and save them successfully -- but I find both of those programs exceedingly difficult to use, so I only use them when I can't use Paint.net. Any ideas? I did a search of the forums, and also looked at the FAQ, but nothing jumped out. I'm using the latest version, 3.36.

I've attached a sample floorplan, which is 213KB that has this problem with Paint.net.

Thanks in advance!




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I too had this issue and came here to the PDN forums to see what the deal was...kind of funny that we both hit the same error on the same day, hm? The file I am trying to save is rather larger than the floorplans; it's the background for a 40'' by 32'' poster, and I would like to save it as a png to keep it lossless while still a relatively small file. In pdn format right now it is ~ 1.5MB. Any ideas on what would make PDN have issues saving large files?


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Changing the bit-depth from "auto" to 16- or 32-bit allowed me to save my large (3840px by 3072px) image as a png. I think the problem here is that PDN can't save large 8-bit images. slilley, for now you might try saving the image in a higher-bit format (ie not gif) until there's a fix for this.


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