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changing font size

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Yes ^ and BTW you can adjust the font size to almost anything with certain limits just by moving the cursor into the font size box, left clicking so its highlighted in blue, then editing the size to whatever you want. You can also use the mouse wheel to scroll backwards and forwards through the font size pre-sets provided.


But why either or both the font type and size is changing, that needs more information. It should not be happening with PDN.


The only time I've come across this problem is not with PDN but with Wordpad which has a habit of reverting to the default font given the slightest opportunity. Originally that was Arial 10pt but has been Calibri 11pt from at least Win7 with no way to change the default permanently.🙁


You have to use a work-around, saving a custom empty document template using the font/size, line spacing etc you'd prefer.


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