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How to convert to black / white only

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...................................or simply increase the contrast.


If you use the convert to black and white tool it does not mean that literally. It just removes the colour content to give you a grayscale image. Depending on the subject, contrast and treatment it is a continuous tone picture from pure black to pure white with a range of grey tones inbetween. At least ideally.


That's what we did, and I thought still do, call a black and white image. Its certainly what photographers understand it to mean when talking about black and white photography.


A picture consisting of just black and white tones is what photographers would call a high contrast image, essentially a black on white silhouette, no greys. That would have been created in the good old days using something called lith film and/or a very high contrast printing paper grade. Hence my suggestion just to increase the contrast to remove the grey tones.   

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