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Paint.net installation not finishing


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Who knows.


I suggest doing an install with MSI logging turned on.  That can probably give you a clue.


Run these two commands in your terminal. The first command creates an MSI file for paint.net.  The second command executes that MSI file with logging.

paint.net.4.2.15.install.exe /CreateMsi /auto

msiexec /i %UserProfile%\Desktop\PaintDotNetMsi\PaintDotNet_x64.msi /L*V %UserProfile%\Desktop\pdn.log


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Okay, it sounds like you're contradicting yourself.  First you said the installation stops at a specific point of the installation.  Then you said paint.net does get installed.


Please re-state your issue in full from the beginning.  Please also post a screenshot showing that the paint.net installation finished successfully, if applicable.

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It's more like an unfinished installation that's what I mean.


EDIT: Looking at this again it doesn't actually get installed but I'm somehow able to use it if I force close the installation? I have no idea why it does this... 




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