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Currently, I am doing some crazy code that will read in every line someone draws in real time as a different image. That said, I was wondering if Paint has a functionality that allows a users drawing to save every stroke (basically one hold of the mouse per image)  into a new file?  Or is there a way to automatically create and save a new layer with every line you draw... I know this probably sounds stupid but I am very unfamiliar with this application. Any other apps with this capability?

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What you are requesting cannot be automated with paint.net.


Specifically, Effect plugins can only 'see' the active layer & clipboard. Nor can a plugin create new layers.


If you want each stroke on a new layer, you're going to have to create a new layer each time (Ctrl + Shift + N).


There is a filetype plugin which will save layers to individual files though. Have a look I the Plugin Index - there's a link in my signature.

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