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How Do I Install My Visual Studio Plug In Dll's?

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Today I updated my Nuget package so I could check if a pixel should be updated or not using my Nuget package, but I don't know how to deploy.


How do I package this up to install?


If there is any benefit, I do have Advanced Installer if that simplifies things.

If there is a doc for this I didn't get that far. I saw how to do this in using Code Lab, but I don't know what to do to package up the Visual Studio output, which includes my plug in class and my Nuget package and a some dependencies.





How To Deploy.png

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It looks like you have your plugin DLL and two dependency DLLs.


Copy those 3 file into the Effects folder within the Paint.NET program files directory.



Or, for distribution to others, just place those 3 files into a ZIP, and you're done.

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Make sure that you DO NOT distribute the PaintDotNet.*.DLLs . First, it's against the license.


But, it will also completely break a Paint.NET install if it has a copy of those in the Effects folder. The app will try to load them as plugins and there ends up being 2 copies of important types loaded into the runtime and all heck breaks loose. Total meltdown.

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