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  1. Today I updated my Nuget package so I could check if a pixel should be updated or not using my Nuget package, but I don't know how to deploy. How do I package this up to install? If there is any benefit, I do have Advanced Installer if that simplifies things. If there is a doc for this I didn't get that far. I saw how to do this in using Code Lab, but I don't know what to do to package up the Visual Studio output, which includes my plug in class and my Nuget package and a some dependencies. Thanks,
  2. No she called me clearly spam, when I am trying to build a plug-in to give away, I was just showing a preview here. Spam is when you try and sell something. Free information that might help someone is called freedom of speech. If not free speech zone here, I speak where it is. And if she wasn't talking to me, it reminds me of this time I walked out of this store and these two women were walking in. One of them looked right at me and said 'I like those pants.' I said thank you, what would you say? And they both started laughing? The world is not always about me.
  3. Did you copy the image and paste it into Paint.Net? What do you mean Transparent White, those are two different things. Here is a video showing it is transparent, not white.
  4. Advertising spam? I write code and give away code 100% free, 100% of the time. I am sorry you consider free code, spam. Here is my Git Hub page if you want to look at 36 projects: https://github.com/DataJuggler And here is a video I just made showing copying the image from this forum and pasting into Paint.Net. Have a good day.
  5. That project is something I rarely ever work on. I wrote in around 2009 when I first learned WPF, then I quickly learned I hate WPF. I don't care if you don't like the buttons the project, it is just a project I use because: 1. It has a Document Formatter, that formats a C# code into regions for Private Variables, Methods, Events, Constructors and Properties. 2. It has code generation features for Add Methods and Events 3. An auto commenting system. You can have Visual Studio type comments for certain C# lines, so it saves having to write: Put your mouse over this line and hit Ctrl + Shift user = new User(); Comment gets written: // Create a new instance of a User object user = new User(); But that's not why I am here, I was just showing you a dockable window idea I wish Paint.Net has and you made fun of my buttons, which is actually the nicest thing anyone has said to me today.
  6. Not Code Lab, the fact you can only run one plug - in at a time is a Paint.Net limitation, that has nothing to do with Code Lab. Code Lab has a code editor, so I am not knocking it. I prefer VS, but I understand what it takes to build something like that stand alone, much less as a plug-in, so I am sure it is the Michael Angelo of plug-ins. Visual Studio is the king of extensibility, my package Regionizer that everyone hates but me, I dock in the same window as Solution Explorer and its always available to modify the current code window: If I could write something like this that docks in Paint.Net, that would be better than a Plug-in model. Is there a wish list for feature requests anywhere? Thanks
  7. Thank you for the information. Plug-ins are fine for simple enhancements, but to be truly extensible they should expose an API. Oh well, that is why I wrote my own site, but I didn't see any reason to reinvent the wheel for things Paint.Net already does.
  8. This is why as soon as I go back to work I may donate and request the old docs be updated. Even thought its a pain, otherwise new people learn it wrong, and if they don't come find someone to inform them, it stays wrong. Thank you,
  9. I was told I can create a custom user control, which is what I am doing as I write this. Why couldn't a custom user control display folders and layers? As a user control developer I don't see any reason why not. Is not possible to operate a plug-in and operate Paint.Net's at the same time?, or multiple plug-ins at once? Thanks, very new to Paint.Net extensibility, but been doing Visual Studio extensibility for a long time.
  10. The compile message made it easy enough to figure this out, but just to make it easier on the next person: Tutorial Part I - Simple has this example after you remove the default script code and modify it. Line 4: Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds).GetBoundsInt(); When you build you get a warning this is obsolete and no longer needed, use GetSelectionAsPdnRegion So it should be changed to this I think: Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelectionAsPdnRegion().GetBoundsInt(); In case the next person reading is new to C# / programming it might confuse them.
  11. When I clicked Generate VS Solution, it generates a vs solution targeting .Net Framework 4.7.0 it appears. On my machine I currently have: 4.61 (and below) 4.71 4.72 4.80 Do I need to target 4.7 version of .Net Framework? I can install that version if needed. And bonus question, if it should be a different thread I will move it, but someone, possibly BoltBait mentioned I need to learn about some type of Paint.Net pointer that I could pass to my library, so I don't have to take the pixels updated in my library, and then loop over them in paint.Net to apply them. If you know of the class name let me know. Thank you,
  12. Until my plug-in is ready, getting rid of the blue is easy with my free site: PixelDatabase.Net A free online text based image editor Hide Pixels Where BlueMinDifference > 54 BlueMinDifference means the pixels affects will be the ones that if you take the value for Blue and subtract the minimum value of Red, Green or Blue and the result is > 54. Through trial and error the 54 seemed to be the magic number. I will try and get the plug-in done this week, as I use Paint.Net every day for 15 years, and I wrote my site for the things Paint.Net doesn't do easily. To make those blended pixels all blue (from the original image): Update Set Color Blue Where BlueMinDifference > 54 It will crank up the blue. I can't tell a difference looking, but you could try using the bottom image and see if it if it works better since the blended pixels should be blue now.
  13. Whenever I copy that image, it doesn't have a Solid White background, did I miss the original? I am working on a plug-in for this and it will be ready soon, but I have the perfect free companion website: PixelDatabase.Net A free online text based image editor. Take this source image: To remove the white background: Hide Total > 700 - Total is the sum of Red + Green + Blue, and White is 765, so white pixels will be removed. Result: Then you can add a layer for your gradient background. Or you can change the background color to a named color or RGB values. Update Set Color Wheat Where Total > 700
  14. Just so you are aware my vision is not very good, but that being said, I do not see a 'Generate VS Solution' in CodeLab. This is an old adage, but a picture is worth a thousand words here, and I will add 3 more. Please Show Me. I found it. You have to click Build DLL, and at the bottom there is a Generate VS Solution. Sorry, I am new to all this. Thanks
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