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How To Create Text In Any Texture With Paint.Net And Transparency Maker.


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I read the rules and didn't see anything forbidding open source projects that work with Paint.Net from being shown. I hope this is ok, if not I apologize.




How To Create Text In A Custom Texture Using Paint.Net And Transparency Maker


(I read the must embed, but I couldn't figure it out, please tell me how, because if I post YouTube's embed, it shows up an IFrame, sorry).


Transparency Maker is a free open source C# .Net program, that converts an image into a Pixel Database, so you can do things not possible in Paint.Net, or even Photoshop in some cases.


I am working on building a web based version now, but until it is finished there is a free install available on my website:




Or if you are a C# programmer and / or want to become one, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community edition is free, and the full source code for Transparency Maker is here:






The documentation is also available at the above project page on Git Hub.


Text documentation if you prefer:


1. Open your Texture file in Paint.Net


2. Hit Control A to select all and Control + C to copy to your clipboard.


3. Under the File Menu, select New > The image size will be the size of your texture file on your clipboard.


4. Select the Paint Bucket Icon on the Toolbar, and select the color you want to use, I am using Black for my background.


5. Select a Font, I am using Cooper Black in this example, font size 96


6. Select a Text Color of Yellow, and type out Paul's waffles


7. Save the file as Paul's waffles Yellow Text.png


8. Start Transparency Maker (An Eraser Icon appears after on your desktop after install)


9. Click the Start button, which will launch a File Browser Dialog, browse for the Paul's waffles Yellow Text


10. Once the file loads in Transparency Maker, type in the following query:



Total > 20


* The full syntax is Hide Pixels Where, but Hide is a shortcut, and this had to be on the first line.


This will hide the yellow text.


11. Save the file as Paul's waffles Transparent Text


12. Open Paint.Net and open the file above, hit Control + A followed by Control + C to select all and copy.


13. In the texture file you opened originally, add a new Layer and paste in transparent text on your clipboard.


14. Save the file in Paint.Net as Paul's waffles Black Background.png


15. Start Transparency Maker again, and open the file you just created Paul's waffles Black Background.png


16. In Transparency Maker, type the following query:



Total < 5


This will get rid of the black background and you can create text in any texture.

If you have any questions, please ask them on them on my YouTube channel and I will do my best to answer.


Transparency Maker 2.0 has since been released, and new videos are coming soon, so please subscribe to my channel if you think it is worth the price of Free. 


I have some other videos on Transparency Maker here:




Paint.Net is my graphics program of choice. I created Transparency Maker because I purchase stock photos, and all come with backgrounds and some are hard or impossible to remove with Paint.Net, but with Transparency Maker it is simple, and is a great companion tool for Paint.Net.


Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions or suggestions.


Thanks for Paint.Net, I can't afford or figure out Photoshop.


Corby / Data Juggler









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This can be done without external software:

(This is a fairly old screenshot; I'm not currently using v4.0.6)





This also doesn't conform to the Tutorial Forum Posting Guidelines.

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(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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