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How to change the color of an already drawn line?

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Hello, I just recently started using paint.net. I draw helmets for a hobby and as such, I have to edit colors and lines a lot. Is there any way to edit a singular line with the shape, color, etc. besides erasing and re-drawing it? Thanks for your input and time!


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Hello & welcome Toast :)


The recoloring tool will help. Here's the link to the documentation: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RecolorTool.html


Here's how to use it...


1. Set Primary color to the color you want to end up with.


2. Use color picker tool :ColorPickerTool: + right click on your image to select the color you want to replace. This color will be installed as the Secondary color (which is why you used the right mouse button).


3. In the Toolbar, set the sampling mode to Sampling: Secondary Color




3. Adjust the brush width to something just wider than the line you want to recolor.


4. Wind the tolerance down to around 20%.


5. Carefully trace over the line using the mouse with the left button held down.



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