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Disable window "save configuration"

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Is it possible to disable the save configuration window?


Works with a large number of photos, saving changes is automatic ctrl + alt + s but the confirmation operation for each photo in the save configuration window is time consuming.


work is not effective.


best regards


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I wish this would be revisited, even as a "don't ask me again this session". I note that the request comes up again and again.


I'm doing edits on hundreds/thousands of images which simply need a quick fix that can't be handled as a bulk operation. The images all live in DropBox and OneDrive which versions everything independently of paint.net so I'm never going to have "oops" cases that I can't fix. 

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You literally just press Enter


I'm not adding a bunch of extra stuff so you can avoid pressing Enter


Just because a request comes up again and again doesn't mean it's a good idea

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