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Help - large file creation in paint.net

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Hi there i am trying to create a business sign in paint.net. I have been told my the printer that the canvas size is 2500mm wide by 400mm long and i need it in 300DPI.

I can set the canvas size, but can't when i change the DPI is decreases size of image 


is there a file size restriction? any other suggestion on how to achieve the above?


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Hey SamIAm - welcome to the forum :)


2500mm x 400mm equals 98.4252in x 15.748in


98.4 x 300 DPI = 29520 pixels

15.75 x 300 DPI = 4725 pixels.


Use Image > Canvas Size to open the dialog shown below.


Under Pixel size, make your Width  29520 pixels and the Height  4725 pixels. Set the Resolution to 300 pixels/inch. Ignore everything else.




BTW I'm sure you're going to be astonished how big this canvas is going to be. I'm not unconvinced an image 2.5m x 0.4m needs to be printed at that resolution. 300 DPI is printed-art sort of quality. A sign this size is bound to be viewed from a distance, so you could probably halve the resolution IMO.

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Add two inches to the height and width. At 300 DPI that would be an extra 600pixels in height and width.

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