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A little help please - Make Color Completely Transparent

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I used the "Engrave / Emboss..." effect on an oddly shaped object but now I want to completely remove, or rather make completely transparent, one of the colors, in this case Grey. I've already tried using the Alpha Mask to little avail.

(1) I need to make the Grey completely transparent without affecting the Black and White.

(2) I want to change the Black or white to a color.

How can I achieve this? :?

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I did. Maybe I'm not making to proper adjustments or something. It either wants to remove the Black or Remove the White, never just the Grey.

Edit: OK, I think that I may have got it to work. Thank you. :)

Now, this should be a lot easier to do. I need to darken the White color so that it's slightly Grey-ish and lighten the Black color so that it's dark Grey, all without affecting the semi-transparent edges . Basically it would work like the Condition Hue/Saturation effect but for Black, White and Grey.

Have any ideas anyone? :)

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