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Help with plugin installation

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Basically I'm starting game development classes and during classes the free version of paint.net will be used, but I already have paid in the windows store.

So far so good, but I will need to use the network creator plugin, but I can not find where to install it.


The official page where the creator of the grid can be downloaded states that I need to access "/ my documents / files from the paint application. net / effects / "which basically does not exist.


In the guide through Windows 10 settings, there is an" application add-ons and downloadable content ", but there is nothing there.


Is there something I am missing or is the free version general better for this matter.

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The two different versions have differing location for plugins.


For the Store version plugins should be placed is /My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects (or /FileTypes).


For the Classic version its the Paint.NET installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\paint.net\/Effects (or /FileTypes).

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