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Feature Request: Select images and add an effect quickly

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It would be nice to see a feature where you select multiple images and then add an effect or an adjustment to them very quickly.

E.g. You have 10 black images which all look the same and then you could easily just select those 10 images and invert colours very quickly.

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For something as simple as Invert (or even a bit more complex) there are batch convert tools in XnView/XnViewMP and probably other similar apps.

Depending on the problem you're trying to solve, ImageMagick might be an option too.


I doubt the batch processing has a high priority for a paint application.

Although it won't hurt to be able to leverage the power of existing plugins in this way, of course. Reuse the manually created routine in an automated manner, without the need to look for filter analogues.


Question to people close to Paint.NET inner workings:

How hard will it be to make a CLI application being able to run ScriptLab presets?

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It's not going to solve the lack of bulk image processing, but this might be on interest:


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