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Lost file

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I have used pdn for several years. Somehow, the image I was working on for a week has disappeared. How is this possible? I have searched my PC and my One Drive for .pdn files by date and it's just not there. All the other images are there, but not the one I'm looking for. Is there something I'm missing? I've never had this happen. No unexpected shutdowns or anything weird happpening. Any clues? 

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The dreaded missing file.  Usually, it's due to 'human error', I'm afraid.  Perhaps you didn't save to .pdn before you closed the program?  Or, you were in another file (that you don't recall being in, and it was saved there.  Can you remember what you may have called it, and then use Cortana (if you have Windows 10) to look for it.


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You need to use the Save as option so that you can tell the image file what folder to save in.
For your current problem; you go to the Windows This PC and click on and goto the search box and type in the image file name and press the Enter key and it will do a global search and point out the path to the file.
If you do not remember the the image files name; use the * wildcard feature and type *.pdn if you saved as a pdn;  or *.png if you saved as png,
this will locate all of pdn files or png files on the computer's drive and you can see the path to each file.

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