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Apply effects to all layers

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I've been using ArgusMagnus' edge detection plugin lately to make some GIFs


I've been taking frames from different shows and using the Stylise -> Edge Detect on different frames starting with 90° going through each frame in 15° intervals to make a cool effect


The first GIF I made was 24 frames and only used edge detection,

The second GIF also used 24 frames but I used edge detection (Argus) to emphasise outlines to make the final GIF appear better


What I want to know is:

1) Can I apply an effect to all layers? - I know you can redo last effect to layers but it's exponentially slow with higher numbers of layers in the hundreds

2) Is their a hotkey to move to next layer up/down?


First GIF



Second GIF




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1. Only manually. You've already found Ctrl + F by the sound of it.

2. Nope.

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