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Design I Created Is Too Low of a Resolution?

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Hello all, I have a bit of an issue. I created an advertising design for print on paint.net, but it turns out that I created it on too low of a resolution (996x1342, 95.99 ppi). If I increase the ppi to 300, the print size would be 3.32x4.47 inches, which is too small. Is there a way to either move my layers onto a new canvas with a higher resolution or am I out of luck?


As you can probably tell, I'm pretty new at this, so I apologize if this is a novice question.


Thank you in advance.

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Hello Hard, welcome to the forum :)


Without seeing your image, its hard to tell if resizing would work. You could try it:


1. Open the Resize dialog (Ctrl+R)

2. Check the "By Absolute Size"radio button

3. Check the Maintain aspect ration checkbox

4. Change the Resolution to 300 + pixels/inch

5. increase the width until l you get your desired print size shown in the Print Size




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