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How do I apply a design to a template?

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Hopefully I can explain my issue correctly so you all can understand what I need. I'm new to working with programs like Paint.net, so if I use the wrong term, please bare with me.


I have some imported templates in jpg format. (They have been converted from Adobe Photoshop to jpg so they could be opened in other programs. I am attaching one to this post.) I need to be able to apply a pre-made design to the different parts of the template, moving it around so it is positioned correctly and will produce a good looking finished product. I have multiple templates and multiple designs to apply.


I'm thinking this involves layers, but after going through a tutorial on layers, I'm not understanding how I do it. Can anyone help? 


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Hi @jnc1951

Welcome to the forum :)


They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here goes




3 Layers

Bottom Layer - your template

Middle layer - the green changed to Pink for easier selection

Top layer - your pattern

Once complete - deselect the middle and bottom layers (or delete)

Save as JPG and you are good to go. B)

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Hello @jnc1951 and Welcome.


I would go about it this way, if you have to have each template in a different design.


1. Import the template.
2. Use the magic wand to select the white areas and then click delete.
3. Carefully remove the Front Toe to its own layer.  (I used Lasso Select to carefully trace around the shape, then cut and paste into new layer.)
4. Same with the Tongue - to its own layer.
5. You are left with Right and Left on their own layer.


step_1.png     :arrow-left:   ` clickable


6. With the Magic wand, select a layer - I've used The Front Toe.  Invert selection and move up to the texture, and delete.


step_2.png     :arrow-left:   `clickable




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