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Rotate exact # of degrees?

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I'm doing some work with maps and compass readings, and I need to confidently know that I'm rotating things in the exact number of degrees. I just got the new update today. I see roll/rotate has 3 different sections of options - not sure what those are. I tried just adjusting the top one 7 degrees clockwise, and though I may be correct, it looks like it went too far. Help, please.

Thank you!

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Impressive MadJik, but way too complicated.

I remember how I tested years ago, something like: 

- Draw an object on a transparent layer, duplicate the layer.

- Rotate the duplicated layer 3 or 4 times, anticlockwise. Make sure the sum of the rotations is larger than 360 Degrees.

- Rotate the same layer clockwise (negative degrees) as much as the sum of the anticlockwise rotation was over 360.

- The object on the duplicated layer exactly overlaps the object on the original layer. QED.


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Thank you all! I'm going to have to go with the much-appreciated confirmation that Layers > Rotate / Zoom is accurate to degrees using the top line of Roll/Rotate because the rest is beyond my understanding. I know Paint.net is supposed to be relatively simple; I guess my brain just wasn't made (or trained) to grasp technology as well as some. Thanks again.

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