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v4.0.16 doesn't work correctly on W10, can't get older version, :(

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tAfter updating to v4.0.16, on Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit, the menus and toolbar are completely invisible, there is just a blank space. If you click on it you seem to click through to whatever happens to be underneath that. You can press Alt+<letter> to access the menus and they appear and you can use the arrow keys to move around and select things; obviously this doesn't help with the toolbars.


I read on another post on the forums that for some bizarre reason there is no way to access older versions.

Even if you use the correct dotnetPDN download URL for say, paint.net.4.0.6.zip, when you unzip it the EXE installer is paint.net.4.0.16.exe! WTF!


In other words if you install on exit and then don't find out you got screwed over till the next time your open it. And if you didn't happen to keep an old version install then you are really done for. I mean come on why even have URLs with file names like the above if you are going to do a bait and switch?! Surely it takes more effort to do that than just have 1 URL  /paint.net.latest.zip?


So annoyed right now, because I need to use it right now, as it is I'll now have to use Gimp or some other free tool.

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Are you using a custom theme?


Are your video drivers up to date?


Can you start Windows in safe mode? What do you see?

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I had exactly this problem. But I found a solution.


It seems to be something to do with external monitors. I disconnected all monitors (I use two plus the native), closed and reopened paint.net on the native monitor and it worked fine. Dragged it back to monitor 3, worked fine, closed and reopened and still working. It's an odd one.

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