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[Solved] Any easy way to add gaucian noise arbitrarily?

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Hi paint.net forum,


I am looking for the easiest way to add gaucian noise as I want. What I want to do is as follows:

- Do lasso select.

- Add gaucian noise within the selection; at the edge, noise should be sparse.



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This will require  a few steps.

  1. Download and install TR's Edge Fader Extreme plugin TR's Edge Fader Extreme 
  2. Cast a selection using any of the selection tools. Note: the selection must be opaque - the Noise effect (next step) will not work over transparent areas.
  3. Fill the selection with noise to your liking (Effects > Noise > Add Noise)
  4. Press Ctrl + I to invert the selection.
  5. Press the Delete key to remove everything outside of the original selection. Tip: the selection will be automatically deselected.
  6. Run Effects > Object > TR's EFX at around 25% strength to soften/fade the edges.

Demo image - shown on a white background for clarity. These two areas started out as elliptical selections.


faded noise.png


Note: You can replace steps 4 and 5 with Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the selection into a new layer (preserving the original). you will need to deselect following the paste (press Enter)

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Glad I could help Sunday!

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