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Resizing help

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Hi all,


New paint.net user here! So, this morning, I've been trying to do something with resizing, and I'm just not seeming to find any way of doing what I want to do.


I have an image with a large number of different shapes on it, which I am able to select with the magic wand tool. I'm trying to resize these shapes in a numerically precise way, and without moving them in the process. Things like resizing the image or using the layer zoom function seem to be a no go, because they move the shapes closer to or further away from the center of the image, even if I move each shape to its own layer first, and regardless of whether I select them all at once or one at a time. And just pulling on the corners of individually selected shapes with the "move selected pixels" tool is imprecise, time-consuming, and quite likely more than my mouse hand's wrist can take, especially since it seems like each shape would have to be resized in multiple stages in order to avoid moving it in the process (i.e. if I resize something by its bottom right corner, I'd then have to resize it again by its top left corner in the same amount, just to keep it in the same place).


Is there some function I'm missing, or some tool I can download, that would let me do what I'm describing? Ideally, I'd like to be able to select all of the shapes at the same time using the magic wand tool, then enter a number, and have all the shapes resize simultaneously by that amount without moving their individual centers in the process. But if I have to settle for doing each one individually, I think I could live with that, so long as each shape can be done numerically. Thanks!

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13 minutes ago, Dr. Wolf said:

I'm trying to resize these shapes in a numerically precise way, and without moving them in the process.


Thats impossible. You have to move them. They aren't single objects in a 3D world. They are only some pixels of an 2D image. The only way I see at the moment is to select every single shape, copy resp. cut it out, put it into a new image, resize it seperately and copy back - especially if the shapes are different/irregular, because this means different aspect ratios for every shape.

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If each shape is an object on a separate layer then you could try my Aardvark plugin

Set the Tiling to 'none' and the centre of tile to the centre of the object. This will at least give you more control over the resize values and a higher quality resize due to the higher sampling.


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