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Layer problem - Can't select other layer (SOLVED=active selection)

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Hello all, I'm a new user. Been using Paint.net for a couple years without problem, but this is one big headscratcher.

So basically my problem is this : with a simple yellow background, I import new images as layers for a video project I'm working on. There's the Google logo image, for instance. The problem is that if I try to select the background and not the imported layer, paint.net seems to... refuse. The background layer will be highlighted correctly as though it's the active layer, but I can't make any changes to it.

I'm really stumped. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE : Okay, so I just needed to Deselect (CTRL+D). I'm sorry for posting a subject that resolved itself. I'll try not to do that in the future.

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That's OK Dissentrix. A lot of users are thrown a curve ball by having an active selection :)


I'll flag this as "Solved".


Welcome to the forum :smile:

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