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How To Make Lines On New Layer

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So I am new to drawing and "Paint.Net" in general, so I expected to run into some problems; mainly this one. I created a new layer and was trying to draw a line but it wont show. All t shows is the resizing tool for the line but not the actual line itself. IT happened to me last night so I tested it before I did some work today and it worked. I'm doing transparent drawings if that effets it at all. I'll attached photos. 



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Hello Charlie - welcome to the forum!


I see from the screen shot that you have a selection 'active' and are trying to draw a line outside of the selection. Not possible.

Try clicking the green tick that says 'finish':CommitButton: in the top tool bar or the 'deselect' icon.:EditDeselect:

You are also drawing the line on the background layer (highlighted light blue) - I'd recommend creating another new layer to draw your line on.

Make sure you are drawing on the layer you want to - ie. the one highlighted blue in the layers window.


Press the F1 key while Pdn is open and you will find useful instructions in the working with layers section.

... or click here:http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithLayers.html


I hope that helps - it sounds far harder than it is!


Iron67 beat me to it!

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