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Problem with lines "skidding" across the picture as I draw

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I have been using Paint.net for years and really like it, but lately there has been a serious issue I have been running across.  I will be working on a picture and using the drawing tools, such as the pencil, zoomed in and drawing lines.  For some reason, the program seems to skip and suddenly I have a horizontal or vertical line all the way across my picture from the point I was working on to the edge.  I hit undo and keep working, but sometimes it happens a lot, multiple times within minutes.


I have the updated version of the program and I see this happen on three different machines I use.

Anyone else seen this happen?


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Hello Steve, welcome to the forum!

This has been reported before and as I remember the 'cure' seems to be to switch off hardware accelerated rendering (GPU).
Click the gear icon in the top right and it's the first choice under 'User Interface'.

I hope that works!



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I don't believe this is related to Hardware Acceleration at all.


This is probably what you want: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28852-line-jumpsskips-to-top-of-window-while-drawing/

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