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best way to add decay-ish features

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dont flipping snap at me Mr admins because i did use "teh all powerful search feature", dont reply with a comment that i didnt look hard enough please. I did look and i did NOT find a useful tut on zombies, or veins, or any other type of photo editing. Please keep all responses useful :)

my question is what is the best way to add Zombie-esque veins or death like deterioration to my photos?

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maybe you could do something like the hulk eye tut

viewtopic.php?f=15&t=25081&p=197333&hilit=color+eyes#p197333 that could maybe get you started.

myself I'd do a selection of the face and use color tint at default or a bit lighter to get the first facial tone. the stitch lines well just a line tool

maybe similar to the hulk eye tut you could tint the lips real dark blue or something.


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Here's for the zombie edit #1.

Make new layer :AddNewLayer:

Draw the lines with the pencil :PencilTool: (change the brush width to how thick you want the lines to be)

Then double click the layer with the lines, and change the blending mode to overlay.

Then play around with the glow effect (effects->photo->glow) until you get a lighter one, and more exagerated.

Then play with the brightness/contrast adjustment.

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