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I've been lurking around here for a while, and I finally made something that didn't require a tutorial to make. So here they are.

Wallpapers and Such

This is the first thing I've ever done by myself. The text is

"The King and Queen Font", you can get it from dafont.com:


Sigs and Avatars

As of 7/25/08, this is my current sig and avatar for

my Scorehero and Paint Dot Net forum accounts.

The text is Birdman, you can grab it from dafont.com


Any help on making my stuff better is greatly appreciated.

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wow very nice sunlight well i think thats a sun i hope im right cuz it looks really good but you better change it to the img code cuz the thread might get locked =P

Why would they lock it? I read the rules, and they say that you can't have images larger than 800x600, and since it's my current wallpaper, I only made a 1280x1024 version. It says to link it if it's larger than that. If I am breaking a rule, could you explain it any better? I don't understand what you mean by 'change it to the img code".

And yes, it's sunlight. =3

:shock: :shock: ....Thats is so cool, I really want to see that incorporated into something bigger :P .

Thanks LJ. It didn't take a whole lot, just a bunch of experimentation. Maybe if I can remember how it goes, I'll try some other stuff.

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