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Probelems with .NET Framework 4.6 autoload during Paint.NET installation

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I have been told by associates that the .NET Framework 4.6 does not autoload during the installation of Paint.NET as claimed in the documentation.
They claim that after having problems with the Paint.NET installation, they have to go to Microsoft and load the Framework before the Paint.NET installation will correctly install.


Why does this happen?


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I have never had a problem with installing Paint.NET, but I am member of a Facebook Paint.NET user group, and a few members have complained about not being able to auto load the .NET Framework 4.6 during the installation of Paint.NET. I asked if anyone of the members had mention this on the Paint.Net official forum. I guess I am the one to do it. I will ask members who had the problems; what were their methods and post again.


The User Group is located here:

Thanks for your response!

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Okay, so just a normal install.


If this is what I think it is, there is currently what appears to be a bug in .NET 4.6's installer where it will install successfully, but the reg key that allows that to be detected isn't written until reboot. I think you can even run the .NET 4.6 installer again and it won't realize that it's already installed ...


I'm hoping to fix this in the next update, but I also don't have a firm date for the next update. (It will have some good stuff in it though, I promise ;) )


At worst, a reboot will be required. I really hope to avoid that though.


(And by ".NET 4.6's installer" I also mean ".NET 4.6.1's installer". Paint.NET 4.0.9 requires 4.6 and will check for 4.6, but I've bundled the 4.6.1 installer because it's the latest.)

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The moderator of the Paint.NET group, Daniel Dryer, recommended that I send screen captures of some of the members problem installation reports, so here is one of them:




This is my observation that I presented to the Paint.NET group:


After reviewing Christophe's screen capture, it appears that his install crashed while trying to install the Software Quality Management Application Program Interface or sqmapi.dll. This is a part of Microsoft's NET Framework and not Paint.NET. Although Paint.NET requires the NET Framework 4.6 or higher it does not appear to include it in the app but makes a call to Microsoft to install its needed features if it is not detected in by the install. The reason for the crash is a mystery indeed.




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I'm using Avast with no PdN install problems.


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