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Can't launch paint.net

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I have been using paint.net for probably more than a year with no issues, but yesterday I discovered that when I try to launch it, nothing happens. I uninstalled and installed it twice today; I did several troubleshooting and repair fixes that are built-in to Windows 10, but the problem persists. Has anyone else had this problem and, more importantly, been able to fix it? Thanks. :(

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How are you trying to start paint.net? Via a Desktop icon, or are you double clicking the exe?

Tell us how you're trying to start paint.net and then tell us exactly what happens.

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I have tried starting it using the desktop icon (shortcut) and by double clicking the exe. I also tried using the icon in my start menu.


Each time, I get the Windows circular cursor for a few seconds, then it disappears.  Nothing else happens. Paint.net does not launch. I have checked the task manager, and paint.net never appears there.

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