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Adding an Image Border

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as I have got no reply to my topic "Bordering an Image" I post it again with a sample as I'm afreid I could not make myself sufficiently understood - I do only know some school-English. Thus, I also changed the topic.


I have images of rectangular but above all of irregular shape/ contour and I want to give them a small coloured border (margin)  just as the sample shows.   


How can I get it with Paint.NET?


Thank you, Lepi


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Hi Lepi,

1. Make the image an 'object' so that it is an opaque area surrounded by transparent pixels on its own layer.
2. You can then use the plugin 'outline object' to surround this object with coloured pixels. There are two versions of outline object, one by Pyrochild and one by BoltBait - both are good.
3. Repeat for each object layer and save as .pdn file (in case you need to change it later) then flatten and save in the format you need.

I hope that is what you meant.
Both versions of Outline object can be found via the plugin index here:


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Dear ELI,

I like your suggestion as for adding a border by means of the plug-in TR's Quick Outline and I have this successfully installed to my Paint.NET.

I was astonished how you wonderfully bordered my Images. I tried it, too, but did not succeed. How do you mark the irregular contours?  I had no problems with the rectangular figures. But the irregular ones? The Lasso did not work with my trial.

Is there a kind of instruction how to use the TR's Quick Outline.

Again many thanks.



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This it what I did: 

If you notice, the red stamp does not have a black border all around you original picture. You need to close that border with the Paintbrush tool.

Then, in order to use TR's QuickOutline you need to use the Magic Wand tool and click over a white area on your picture. Adjust the Tolerance until the white zones are selected but not the stamps. 

Now, you need to inverse the selection by pressing Ctrl + i . After doing this the stamps and their borders are selected and you are ready to use Tr's QuickOutline.

Choose the color you wish and you can change the width of the outline being drawn.  :)

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Thank you very much. I'm sure without your explanation I had never ever succeeded!!! Now I have only to correct the border, which looks rather frayed, I will try to find a solution. I'm very pleased about this possibility.

Regards, Lepi

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