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I don't know how to make the new part of my "ink stamp" logo look "scratched" like the original parts...

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First of all I'm an engineer and no graphics expert.  I found a patent ink stamp logo on the internet and modified it a lot for a company logo (see attached). Being made to look like a hand ink stamp it's supposed to look scratched/distressed.  But my new parts are crisp and clear.  I need them to match.  But when I try to do it by hand it looks horrible.  I'm looking through ALL of the plugin's (I'm only through the C's...) to see what I can find that might do it...  I looked up stamp, distressed, scratched, weathered, etc.


Any help in telling me how to do it or even doing it for me would be GREATLY appreciated from my company of one! Eventually it will be rotated about 10-15 degrees to look more like it was freehand stamped. And any other input on the logo itself is welcome as I'm no artist!




Jim Taylor

Maryland Heights, MO


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Here is a general idea you can experiment with. (Any settings I don't mention are the default value.)


Starting the original image (or the new part you want to add).


Apply Effects>Distort>Dents (this is to roughen the edge

  Scale: 2

  Refraction: 50

  Roughness: 10

  Tension: 8

Add a new (upper) layer and fill it with black.

Set the new layer's Blend Mode to Additive.

In the new layer, add noise with Effects>Noise>Add Noise.

  Intensity: 100

  Color Saturation: 0

  Coverage: 1.0

Perform Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur

  Radius: 1

Use Adjustments>Auto-Level

Run Red ochre's Effects>Blurs>FurBlur

  Angle variation: 1.0 (max. value)

  Curl curvature: 0.05

Run Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast

  Brightness: 80-100 (adjust to achieve best result)

  Contrast: 100

Rerun Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur

  Radius:1 (same as before).

Flatten the image with Image>Flatten.


That's the basic idea. Lots of variations are possible

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I just found this and with a little fudging and blurring it worked pretty good I think.  I could have never done this by hand!  




The guy shook out an old burlap bag over his scanner so all the dust and hairs fell out and then scanned it.  What's the chances of finding that?  Got to love the Internet!



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I don't know anything about patent logos, but I did want to make a small mention of copy right laws. Are there any copy right laws to this logo you are trying to use? It sounds like you might want to use the logo for business reasons, so I hope this logo doesn't have copy right laws against that.


Aside from that, you might like the idea of using more and/or other texture images to overlay whatever logo you try to use. Add a texture or multiple textures on a layer above the logo layer and play with blending modes and layer opacities.

You can find some textures here : http://www.brusheezy.com/textures
Since they are textures intended for photoshop, you might need to install photoshop plugins to use some of them :




I hope you get a good final result of what you are looking for.

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Well, there are some logos and seals that have requirements in order to be used, for example, the USDA Organic seal or the certified arborist logo.

Those are just examples though, I realize a patent logo and a seal like the USDA Organic seal are two different things. I just didn't want to see the stamp JDTSTLMO is wanting to use to have risks.

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