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Bullet Hole in Glass

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from Ash's bullet holes tutorial Here.

cjmcguinness wrote:

Gradient Barsplugin.

1. Make a 500 x 500 blank canvas.

Add new layer & work on the new layer so you can skip step 6, the hole would look more natural.

(the magic wand selection sometimes just doesn't do it right.)

2. Set Primary colour to Black, Secondary colour to Transparent

3. Use the rectangle select to select an area at the bottom of the canvas, the whole width, right up to 50px from the top

(essentially you are selecting the whole canvas except a 50px section all the way across the top)

4. EFFECTS > Gradient Bars: Top=0, Scale=100, Seed=0

5. CTRL+D to deselect and use the EFFECTS > Rectangular to Polar plugin.

6. Use the Magic Wand tool, Tolerance at 75% and click in the centre of the white cirlce - press [Delete] Skiped

7. EFFECTS > Blurs > Zoom blur amount=50. I skiped this step too.

8. ADJUSTMENTS > Invert colours

Extra step 9. Majority plugin at default setting.

You now have a bullet hole that you can place over glass.

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Well, with the MSC clogging up my time it has become difficult to manage my Paint.NET time. I have at or around four Saved Drafts that need published in the Tutorials section, and will most likely take up the large majority of time before anything else. However, if things change I will work on it :wink:


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No, no, no...Shame on you for not remember the buttle hole tut I made with the help of Madjik, SuperV & cjmcguinness.

We PDNer have a prefectlly good bullte hole tut which cover more than just glass.

You've been around long enough. :? :!: :!:

But seeing as you have so much on the table, I's forgive you this time. :)


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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