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  1. Well, after a while of inactivity, I'm back with a sig!
  2. Well, that is a ultra-light prop plane. The plane in Contest 1 was a modified Military 737. 737, as you may as well know, is a big Jetliner. I would encourage you to look up pictures of ALL large commercial air transports on Google and see if anyone has painted a plane's wings.
  3. Your not allowed to paint on wings, as it affects the aerodynamic properties of the wings. The Paint Used is actually called Epoxy, and it is far from light. Far From It.
  4. Um, I think painting and aircraft's wings would add so much weight that the efficiency level would decrease. And it's impossible to paint a wing in the first place, as it will effect aerodynamic properties of the wing.
  5. Can we get a different template for the paint job? It's hard to paint on something that already has a livery on it. And that plane was never made FYI.
  6. Sorry, I mean't the "Inner Glow" (looks like a flower)..........
  7. Use the line tool and outline the figure with red (or just download the Outline Plugin Which Does It Automatically). Then select the inside of the red area and hit Invert Selection> Delete. EDIT: I did it for you:
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