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  1. @Pixey Thank you very much! I didn't find it here, Thank you.
  2. I tried to make an ice texture.
  3. It's not only for critique. It's for showing as well.
  4. Hi, This is my gallery. I will post random stuff I created and you can critique it. Woodwalker
  5. Oh my gosh! How have you made these covers. They're sooo adorable.
  6. @welshblue Yeah! But the light seems a little bit unrealistic, in my opinion.
  7. @HyReZ That’s what I’m looking for. But how do I make it lookiing realistic? You know. Putting a leather texture above it and doing a nice smoothy shadow.
  8. How about this one?: I tried a color palette in coral. But it didn't work well. Maybe it inspire you.
  9. @BoltBait Cool. I ask because some plug ins had one. And the users wrote it in the comments.
  10. @welshblue Yeah! But I don't like to use stockphotos. I wanna do it by myself.