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  1. Try using Alias then use feather over it. It works most of the time for me.
  2. My abstract light source picture.
  3. I found the time to finally finish this. It's a little more busy than I originally wanted but I still like it.
  4. It's the Sith code, opposite of sokagirl's Jedi code. My WIP:
  5. haha thanks! I keep wanting to recite this when I see your avatar: Peace is a lie; there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.
  6. http://www.dafont.com/betty-noir.font This is the font. There are many other fonts like it there, and most (not all) are free. I think I might start working on it tonight.
  7. I tried to make it so that it doesn't take up the whole screen. And I'm trying to remember what the rn means in the 300 picture... Thanks
  8. I followed your "My Gallery" link and I can honestly say this is some of the best PDN work I have ever seen, each one must have taken hours. I see a Steampunk-ish/fantasy/Art Deco mixture on a lot of the pictures which I like very much. My favorites are "Fractalise" for it's complex colors and shapes, the "House of Tregilles" (You've inspired me to make something similar ) is probably my favorite of all of them, and Old Charm because I go "ooh shiny".
  9. Thanks . They are big because I have a 28" monitor that uses that resolution, and it scales down to my normal 1680X1050 monitor. (also if you haven't already checked my hidden images in the top post.)
  10. Is the probable imbalance

  11. *Golf clap* I quite like the "Twister" piece and many of your signatures. Also: ..................Peace is a lie .............There is only passion .......Through passion I gain strength ........Through strength I gain power .........Through power I gain victory ....Through victory my chains are broken ..........The Force shall set me free
  12. It is so small it's funny to me! Stock: http://www.embroidery.com/product.asp?s ... shopstop=1
  13. Thanks! I like the shapes and the effects the fractals make. (I generally play the song Mandelbrot Set whilst making them. ) Added a couple new ones.
  14. My desktop composing of Rainmeter, Rocket Dock, and Samurize. (With Qz Lightwave vista theme.) The entire desktop took me about 6 hours to create customize and finalize.
  15. Forty-two. But seriously 130. It doesn't take me any longer to open the Effects than it did when I first downloaded it.
  16. Soup or Boll Video! (Wait…Something Like That, Anyway)
  17. It's just glossy text but it's angled. 4/10 would be 5/10 if it was fully AA'd. Mine is still a WiP, but is 100% PDN. (Except the text of course.)
  18. Abstract Arts. Hidden Content: ~~~~~~~~~ Other Stuff (Signatures/Space/Random) Hidden Content:
  19. My Samurize desktop interface: (Click to see.) My desktop:
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