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  1. Didnn't work, no 3d came to me D: also how did you get your backround like that?
  2. Hi, I think my avatar needs a make over, more UMPH some pizzaz. Any ideas?
  3. I will get to work on that. :twisted:
  4. I really like the community here, I expected some negative comments.
  5. Yea. You should see how simple it is and how ridiculous it looks without its shape.
  6. Well for some reason when I try to acsess the picture it gives me a 503 error saying it cant handle the request. EDIT: I reuploaded here it is.
  7. The brushed you linked to were to *shivers* photoshop, how would they be used in PDN?
  8. This is like my first creation in PDN (PS Im not sure if i made the image to big.)
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